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Matter is the new connectivity and setup standard that aims to make smart home devices easier to use. Google just rolled out Matter support on its smart speakers and displays, and now Amazon is following suit.

Amazon revealed in a blog post today that it has started enabling Matter support on its hardware products, including some Echo devices, plugs, switches, and bulbs. Unfortunately, Amazon didn’t specify exactly what that means — there are many different Matter features that manufacturers can choose to implement, from just easier setup to functioning as a network bridge for devices without Wi-Fi support.

The only detail in Amazon’s announcement is “the availability of Matter over WiFi […] with Android setup,” meaning when you’re setting up a device for the first time, it should be a quicker process if you have an Android phone or tablet.

Amazon’s rollout is starting with 17 devices, listed below:

The company says this is only the first phase, so Matter support may arrive on older Echo devices soon. There also aren’t any Fire TV devices in that list, but the setup process for those products don’t require a smartphone, and Amazon seems focused on that aspect of Matter right now.

Source: Amazon

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