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The Meta Quest and Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest) are still unique devices in the tech world, giving you a VR entertainment and gaming experience without the need for a connected PC. HTC, maker of Vive headsets, is about to reveal its answer to the Quest.

HTC told The Verge that it will introduce a new flagship virtual reality headset on January 5, 2023 — during the next Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The company says the headset will have a lightweight design, and support for “gaming, entertainment, exercise, [and] even some of the more powerful use cases” like productivity and enterprise tools.

HTC is promising a two-hour battery life, controllers with six degrees of freedom and hand tracking, and most importantly, a fully self-contained design — no external PC required, just like the Quest and Quest 2. The single image appears to show a goggles-style design. You can see at least one of the outward-facing cameras, which HTC says will pass a color video feed to the internal screen, allowing for mixed reality experiences.

There’s no information about pricing yet, but an HTC representative did tell The Verge, “We’re in an era when consumer VR headsets have been massively subsidized by companies that are trying to vacuum up and take personal data to provide to advertisers. We don’t believe the way that we want to approach it is to compromise on privacy.” Meta (formerly Facebook) raised the price of the Quest 2 to $400 back in August, presumably because it couldn’t subsidize the headset at the same level any longer. HTC’s device could end up around the same price, or even higher.

Source: The Verge

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