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Warner Bros and Discovery merged earlier this year to create a new media conglomeration, known as Warner Bros Discovery. The new company already planned to combine HBO Max and Discovery+ into one service, but in the meantime, HBO Max is on a downwards spiral.

Warner’s new management has already made many unpopular decisions, including canceling the nearly-finished Batgirl film that was expected to arrive on HBO Max, and removing many existing shows and movies from the service. Westworld, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, Summer Camp Island, Minx, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, Raised By Wolves, and others have already been pulled from the platform. Notably, the price for HBO Max is staying the same.

There’s a slimmer of good news, but not for HBO Max. Warner has now confirmed to Next TVDeadline, and other outlets that some of the removed shows and movies will be licensed to free ad-supported TV platforms. That means you might see Westworld on platforms like The Roku Channel or Amazon Freevee in the future, which are free to access, but requires everyone to sit through advertisements. Warner is also still working on its own free ad-supported service, which was announced earlier this year.

It’s great that some of the affected shows and movies won’t be completely inaccessible (through legal means), Disney Vault-style, but it’s coming at the expense of HBO Max and its paying subscribers.

Source: Deadline, Next TV

Note: The author of this article owns stock in Warner Bros. Discovery.

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