Fire TV Cube 3rd Gen

Amazon released a new Fire TV Cube back in September, which combines an Alexa smart speaker and high-end streaming device into one convenient box. Now it’s getting even better with a new software update.

The Fire TV Cube has one input HDMI port, in addition to the typical output HDMI. It can be used to plug in a cable box, game console, or other device, and display an Alexa overlay on top. As pointed out by AFTVnews, Software version (PS7613/3686) adds support for DTS, DTS-HD, and Dolby True HD audio passthrough on the HDMI port. That means if the device connected to the Fire TV Cube supports one of those audio standards, and your TV does too, you won’t lose any quality through the Fire TV Cube anymore.

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Amazon included a “Super Resolution Upscaling” feature in the latest Fire TV Cube, which tries to upscale lower-resolution video to look better on 4K TVs. It wasn’t very noticeable when the box was first released — The Verge said “it’s not enough to wow you” in its original review — but the new software update claims to improve that feature.

The new software update is rolling out now to third-gen Fire TV Cube players. The device was already one of the most impressive streaming devices, so it’s great to see even more improvements. Still, Amazon’s advertisements can be over the top, which is one of the reasons our pick for the best streaming device overall is still a Roku player.

Source: AFTVnews

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