2022 M2 Apple MacBook Air open with the screen on
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Apple released the revamped MacBook Air earlier this year with the M2 chip, but it was $200 more than the previous model, which Apple has kept in production as a budget alternative. Now the M2 Air is finally at that $999 price point.

The new MacBook Air has a blockier design than its predecessor, matching the look of recent iPad models, complete with a larger 13.6-inch screen and spacious keyboard. There’s a MagSafe connector for charging the MacBook (not to be confused with the wireless charging tech in the iPhone), but you can also power the laptop with either of the two USB Type-C ports.

Apple MacBook Air M2

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The latest MacBook AIr has a speedy M2 chip, MagSafe charging, a large screen, and a super-thin design.

Powering the whole machine is the Apple M2 chip, which is still efficient enough to not require active cooling, while offering more than enough power for productivity work, lightweight video editing, and even some gaming (if your favorite games are available on macOS). It’s marginally faster than the M1 chip in the previous MacBook Air, and it’s the same chip found in the current base model MacBook Pro.

Amazon and B&H Photo, but seemingly no other stores, have discounted the base model M2 MacBook Air to $999. That’s the lowest price yet, and the first time the laptop has dropped below $1,000. Sadly, only the base model with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage has a significant discount — the model with 512 GB storage is also on sale, but Amazon has it at 10% off.

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