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When you hear “Portrait Mode” you probably think of selfie photos with blurry backgrounds. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can apply that same effect to videos as well for a slightly cinematic look.

There are a bunch of different modes to use in the Samsung camera app on Galaxy phones. “Portrait Video” is one that not many people know about, and it can have some pretty cool results. However, it can also be very hit or miss. Applying a fake depth-of-field effect is a lot more challenging with moving subjects.

To use the “Portrait Video” feature, simply open the camera app and tap the “More” button in the toolbar. From there, select “Portrait Vide.”

Portrait Video mode.

Just like with the Portrait Mode for photos, the subject needs to be within a certain distance from the camera for it to work. The camera app will help you do that with text at the top of the viewfinder.

Portrait Video hints.

Once it says “Ready,” you’re good to start recording! The effect isn’t super strong, which is a good thing. A more subtle effect makes it look more like it may have been taken with a fancy camera. This is just another of the many tools in your arsenal with the Samsung camera.

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