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T-Mobile has spent the past year expanding its home internet service to more areas across the United States. Now you can try out the 5G-powered home internet for half off the usual price, with a few catches.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet has been priced at $50 per month for a while, which is already cheaper than many competing residential internet services. A new deal drops that to just $25/month, as long as you already have a phone plan with T-Mobile. The internet service has no data caps, but speeds are limited by T-Mobile’s cellular network coverage in your area and reception inside your home.

Per usual with mobile carrier promotions, there is a laundry list of exclusions and catches. You need at least one T-Mobile voice line, as mentioned previously. The lower price is also applied through bill credits — the first bill cycle or two may be at $50 per month, but eventually the $25 discount will kick in. T-Mobile’s site also says the promotion “will stop if you cancel any lines or change plans.” It’s not clear if that means just home internet plans, or any plans on your T-Mobile account.

Even with the various catches, this is still an impressive deal on internet that could replace your DSL or cable home internet. There is a 15-day test drive program available, but it’s not clear when the 50% off discount will end.

Source: The T-Mo Report, CNET

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