If you have been waiting for the official WOT extension for Google Chrome, Iron Browser, & ChromePlus then your wait is over. Now you can enjoy the full power of WOT in your Chromium-Code based browser.

Update: Web of Trust has been found to track and sell users’ browsing history to third parties. This is a serious breach of…well, trust, so we no longer recommend using the Web of Trust extension, under any circumstances.


Installing WOT in Chrome is quick and simple but you will have to click on “Install” when the confirmation message windows appears in order to finish adding the extension to your browser.

As soon as you have finished installing the extension a new tab will open up that allows you to choose the level of protection that you desire. The “Basic” level is selected by default… Once you have made your selection click “Next”.

The second and final setup window will check to see if you would like to register for a WOT account (not mandatory for using the extension). Registering for an account will allow you to “rate” websites and add to the WOT database. If you only want to use the extension click on the “Red X” in the upper right corner to finish up.

To access the options for WOT you can use either the drop-down window or go through the “Chrome Extensions Page”.

The options for WOT are simple…select or deselect the rating components that you would like to have active. It is a good idea to leave all active though…

Note: You will notice that the options page in Chrome is “linked up” to the WOT website (see address bar).

WOT in Action

To start off we visited one of the pages here at the site. All nice and green…

A closer look at the ratings for the How-To Geek website…

This website displayed with a “yellow color” rating, so something is definitely not too good here.

Looking at the ratings for this website two of the categories are “caution level” but the other two are definitely trouble. Probably better to leave this website than stay…

Not good! As with WOT for other browsers the extension will “shade out” the website and display a warning when a “problem website” is encountered.

The drop-down window shows nothing but trouble here…definitely time to close that tab and look elsewhere.

As always there will be some websites that display a “white color” so it does become a matter of how comfortable (or daring) you feel with those websites.

This website seems to have had very little submitted for it. Sometimes a website with a “white color” rating will have some information available in the drop-down window that is helpful as guidance, but not this one.


If you have been looking forward to adding WOT to your Chromium-Code based browser then your wait is over. This is definitely an extension that you should add to all of your browsers (Chromium-Based or not). See our previous post for more information about WOT for other browsers.


Download the WOT extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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