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Windows 11 has been out for more than a year, but there are still some holdouts that have, thus far, stayed on Windows 10. While Microsoft’s older OS is still usable today, Microsoft really wants you to update if you have the chance, and Windows 10 is adding a new alert to remind you.

Microsoft is deploying the KB5020683 update for several versions of Windows 10, including all versions since version 2004. The update will show a new splash screen saying that “the next version of Windows is here” and prompting you to download and install an upgrade to Windows 11 for free. The update will only be shown if your computer is compatible with Windows 11’s stringent official minimum requirements — if your PC doesn’t have more than 4GB of RAM, or TPM 2.0, then the update prompt will not be shown.


The upgrade button is displayed prominently on the screen, and there’s no option to decline the upgrade — instead, all you get is a “remind me later” button if you’d rather not take the upgrade now. This button will keep the splash screen from showing up, but Windows might still occasionally nag you to upgrade to the newer OS eventually. Clicking the “upgrade to Windows 11” button will start the download process immediately.

This is likely one of Microsoft’s last-ditch efforts to get people to upgrade, short of installing the update automatically without permission. It’s also similar to the update prompts Microsoft rolled out for Windows 7 after that version reached end-of-life.

Source: ghacks.net

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