Xbox controller jacket

People make up all sorts up excuses as to why they just lost a video game to their friend: sometimes they don’t know how to play, claim the controller isn’t working, or that they’re friend cheated. Who knew saying the controller is too cold was an option?

Microsoft is nonetheless here to help with all you cold controller problems, in case you left yours outside in the snow overnight for some reason. The Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie is a tiny adorable jacket that can be slipped over your Xbox controller, keeping it snug as it sips eggnog by the fireplace or goes tobogganing with the family.

The $24.99 controller hoodies are made of 100% polyester, come in white and black, and feature tiny zippers and a hood. One can imagine walking the controllers in the room like a boxer entering the ring and then unzipping them as you stare down your opponent.

While the first batch is sold out, the next should be available to ship by late February if placing an order soon. That will give Microsoft plenty of time to hopefully release tiny scarves, mittens, and boots as well. Dressing your controller in all that winter clothing will probably end up taking as long as when kids are trying to put on snow pants.

There’s no washing instructions as of yet, but when you do wash them, it seems like a good time to text your parents, “I’m washing my Xbox controller hoodie.”

Via: PCWorld

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