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Proton, the security-focused company best known for Proton Mail and Proton VPN, has been expanding its services to create a full private productivity ecosystem. Part of that is a calendar application, which finally has an iPhone app.

Proton Calendar has been available for a few years, as a more private alternative to services like Google Calendar, with end-to-end encryption. At first, it was only usable through a desktop web app, but an Android app was released back in April. Now there’s an iPhone app too, giving you access to your calendar wherever you go.

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The iPhone app looks nearly identical to the Android application, giving you a standard calendar view and the ability to manage events. You can also view and reply to invites from other Proton Calendar users, switch between light or dark mode, and sync all your changes back to Proton’s (encrypted) cloud.

Unfortunately, Proton Calendar doesn’t have an iPad layout at all — the Android app isn’t properly optimized for tablets either, but at least it will stretch to fill the entire screen. You can also use the desktop web app on any tablet through a web browser, but a native app would be preferable.

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