Spotify Wrapped 2022.

You must use the Spotify app for iPhone, iPad, or Android to find your Spotify Wrapped 2022 results. Open the app and tap the big "Your 2022 Wrapped is ready" banner.

The end of the year means one thing for music lovers—Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here! This fun annual recap is one of the reasons why so many people use Spotify. We’ll show you how to find yours.

What Is Spotify Wrapped 2022?

Spotify Wrapped is an annual recap that shows a bunch of nifty stats about your last year of listening. It highlights the artists, songs, and genres that you listened to most. It’s a great way to look back at the year and share your music taste with friends and on social media.

For personal results, you’ll need a Spotify account (free or premium), but everyone else can view a more generalized version of 2022 Wrapped on Spotify’s website. The website shows the top podcasts and music on the platform over the last year.

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How to Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2022

You can only view your Wrapped 2022 results using the Spotify app for iPhoneiPad, and Android. You’ll see a big card on the Home tab that says “Your 2022 Wrapped is ready!” Tap it.

Wrapped on Home tab.

This will start an Instagram Story-like carousel of cards. Music will start playing, and you’ll be guided through a number of categories to showcase your listening habits. Tap the screen on the left or right to move forward or backward through the cards.

Wrapped cards.

At the bottom of each card is a “Share This Story” button. Tap this if you’d like to share the current card with your friends on social media. Only a static image of the card’s infographic will be shared, not the video clip.

Tap "Share this Story."

Select the social media platform you would like to share your Spotify Wrapped 2022 results with.

Pick a social media platform.

The other thing you’ll want to check out is the “Your Top Songs 2022” playlist. You can find this under “2022 Wrapped” on the Search tab.

Find the "Your Top Songs" playlist.

Wrapped is a fun feature, and it’s one of the best reasons to choose Spotify over other streaming services. Others sometimes have similar features, like Apple Music Replay, but they can’t compare.

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