Amazon has made itself a place in the game streaming ecosystem with Luna, especially with the shutdown of Google Stadia. Unfortunately, Amazon Luna will be dramatically trimming its library, removing almost 50 games in total.

Amazon’s game streaming service will be losing no less than 45 games during next month, continuing a worrying trend for fans of the platform — Luna is removing more games than it’s adding. These aren’t just games no one is playing, either, as some of the platform’s biggest games are getting the axe as part of this list. The removed games include Resident Evil 7, Yakuza Zero, Yooka-Laylee, and Dirt 5.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Luna will be soon meeting the same fate as Stadia, but it signals Amazon may not be overly committed to it. That was largely the reason why Stadia met its ultimate demise — Google wasn’t showing a huge interest in it, and the platform wasn’t adding many games, so Google ultimately just decided to kill it off. Amazon did offer a statement to 9to5Google, saying that “we’ll be refreshing our content offerings.”

Here’s hoping we don’t lose another major game streaming service this year.

Source: Cloud Dosage, 9to5Google

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