Logitech Litra

Webcam video quality can be rough, especially when you don’t have adequate lighting around your desk. The Logitech Litra is one solution to that problem, and it’s on sale for $10 off right now.

The Logitech Litra is a small soft light that can mount on top of a computer monitor, with three possible positions. It’s powered by a USB connection, so you don’t need to run another power cable down the wall. There is a Windows and Mac application for controlling the light, but there are also buttons on the back for everything — a great option if you use Linux or just don’t want to install the software.

Logitech Litra

This USB-powered soft light can improve your webcam video quality, especially if your desk doesn't have great lighting to start with.

The light is designed to be pointed at someone in front of a computer, improving the video quality of any webcam being used. The difference will vary depending on how much light is already in the room, and the video quality of the webcam, but more light always allows cameras to show more detail without blurring.

If your co-workers can’t see you well in calls, or you just want a better video call experience for friends or streaming, the Litra could be an excellent choice.

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