Samsung Smart Monitor M8

Samsung released the Smart Monitor M8 earlier this year as a computer display that doubles as a smart TV. Now you can buy it for $499.99, a 29% discount from the original price.

The Samsung Monitor M8 is a 32-inch 4K computer monitor, with HDR10+ support, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and a slim design. The main selling point is that it has the same software experience as Samsung’s smart TVs, meaning you can watch content from streaming services without a connected PC, or stream content from a phone or tablet over. You can still plug in a PC, game console, or other device using HDMI or USB Type-C. Video sources can be in full-screen, or you can move one to a picture-in-picture or side panel view.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8

This 32-inch 4K desktop monitor has the software of a smart TV.

There are gaming monitors with higher refresh rates for around this price, but the M8 might be a good option if you want a monitor that doesn’t require a connected PC all the time. For example, if you prefer to use Linux on your computers, the streaming apps on the M8 almost certainly work better than services like Disney+ on desktop Linux.

There’s no VESA mounting support or built-in headphone jack, which limits its expandability compared to most other desktop screens. Still, depending on what kind of a desktop setup you’re going for, the M8 is an interesting option — and now a better value.

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