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T-Mobile provides some of the fastest 4G LTE and 5G coverage in the United States, and now you can get that same great network for Home Internet. At just $50 per month, T-Mobile offers fast Home Internet at a lower monthly cost than many other ISPs today. And for a limited time, you can also get a $100 gift card to fund your first two months of service when you sign up.

T-Mobile’s Answer to Big Internet

Unlike most internet service providers (ISPs) that require you to either buy or rent separate modems and routers, T-Mobile Home Internet includes a 5G Wi-Fi Gateway with every T-Mobile Home Internet plan, at no extra cost. This Wi-Fi 6-enabled hub is packed with two ethernet ports, mesh capabilities in case you’d like to expand your connection even further, and ultra-fast 4G LTE and 5G performance. That’s it. In fact, it’s so simple, you can get everything set up and running in just five minutes or less.

That’s not why you’re here, though. What you really want to know is how T-Mobile Home Internet crushes the service you have in your house today.

T-Mobile Home Internet vs. The Competition

Look at All the Savings

For starters, the monthly service price of $50 per month is a lot lower than other ISPs — up to several hundred dollars cheaper annually, in fact. So right off the bat, you’re saving money by switching. Then throw in the free 5G Wi-Fi Gateway system that’s included with your plan at no extra cost, and you’ll keep even more cash in your wallet. You’re welcome.

Coverage You Can Count On

Because T-Mobile Home Internet runs on T-Mobile’s wireless network, you get widespread coverage without having to worry about underground cables, expensive fiber optics, or drilling holes in walls.

T-Mobile Home Internet continues to expand its footprint, bringing service to areas where households have little-to-no choice in ISPs. In the Northeast, T-Mobile expanded Home Internet access to include cities and towns across six states, where more than three million households still have no access to home broadband. Recently, T-Mobile Home Internet entered underserved markets in the Northwest, providing choice and connectivity.

Real Unlimited Data

Many internet service providers enforce monthly data caps or charge additional fees to have those caps removed. There are no data caps on T-Mobile’s unlimited Home Internet service. Use as much data per month as you’d like; you already paid for it.

No More Contracts. None.

T-Mobile Home Internet has a Test Drive period where you can try it for 15 days to see if it works for you—or get your money back. Also, you don’t have to have an existing voice line with T-Mobile Wireless in order to sign up.

Finally, T-Mobile Home Internet doesn’t lock you into a contract. Simply enjoy fast, reliable home internet for as long as you’d like, and if you need to cancel your service for any reason, you can do so without penalties. In fact, you can get up to a $500 credit to help cover early termination fees when you switch to Home Internet. It’s this kind of hassle-free home internet service that earned T-Mobile the number two spot in customer satisfaction in 2022 with the company positioned to overtake the leader next year.

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Get a $100 Gift Card When You Sign Up for T-Mobile Home Internet Today

To get started with T-Mobile Home Internet, head on over to their official website and type in your street address and phone number to see if service is available in your area.

For a limited time, when you sign up for T-Mobile Home Internet, you will also receive a $100 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® to help you pay for the first two months of service. Note that this offer won’t last long, so redeem it now while it’s still available.

T-Mobile Home Internet

T-Mobile provides some of the fastest 4G LTE and 5G coverage in the United States, and now you can get that same great network for Home Internet.

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