While you can try to contact Facebook directly via phone and email address, it's difficult, if not impossible, to get a response. Tweeting at Facebook could get a response, and you can also visit Facebook's Help Center or complete a support request form.

Facebook trouble? Whether you have an account-related issue, or you want to report a bug or problem, you have a few ways to contact Facebook support. We’ll show you what your contact options are.

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Can You Contact Facebook By Phone?

If you want to contact Facebook directly, you probably want a phone number. Facebook does have a couple of numbers you can call to try getting in touch with the company. However, both phone numbers only play a pre-recorded message. You can’t talk to a real human on either number.

If you want to try your luck calling them regardless, Facebook’s support phone numbers are:

  • +1 650-543-4800
  • +1 650-308-7300

Can You Email Facebook for Support?

Facebook doesn’t often encourage people to contact it via email. However, in the past, Facebook listed a few email addresses that you could use to contact Facebook directly.

You can still try sending an email to one of these email addresses and possibly get a response. There’s no guarantee, though.

  • support@fb.com: Use this email to get general support.
  • press@fb.com: Send your press-related queries to this email.
  • records@fb.com: Use this email for law enforcement concerns.
  • appeals@fb.com: Appeal against your blocked content using this email.
  • abuse@fb.com: Report content violating Facebook’s guidelines via this email address.
  • datarequests@fb.com: Use this email to ask Facebook what data it has about you.
  • ip@fb.com: For intellectual property-related queries, use this email.
  • phish@fb.com: Report phishing content via this email address.

Contact Facebook on Twitter

These days, one of the ways you can contact a company is by tweeting them on Twitter, and Facebook is no exception.

Send a tweet to Meta.

You can send a tweet to one of Facebook’s Twitter handles, and possibly get a response. There’s no guarantee your query will be looked at, but it’s worth trying if your issue doesn’t need to be fixed urgently.

Some of Facebook’s official handles are @Meta, @FacebookApp, and @Messenger.

Use Facebook’s Help & Support Menu

If you didn’t get a response from Facebook’s phone number, email, or Twitter account, use the platform’s “Help & Support” menu to get help on many matters. This menu lets you access the site’s Help Center, view responses to your reported items, and even allows you to report a bug or send feedback to Facebook.

An easy way to get help from Facebook is to access the platform’s “Help & Support” menu. This menu contains the options to help you access Help Center, view responses to your reported items, and report a bug or send feedback to Facebook.

You can access this menu on both your desktop and your phone.

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Get Help From Facebook on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook

To get help on your desktop computer, launch your preferred web browser and open Facebook. There, sign in to your account.

After signing in, from the Facebook site’s top-right corner, select your profile icon.

In the menu that opens, click “Help & Support.”

Choose "Help & Support" in the menu.

The “Help & Support” menu offers multiple options to get help from Facebook. These options are:

  • Help Center: This takes you to Facebook’s Help Center website that contains loads of resourceful guides and explainers. You’ll find answers to nearly all your queries on this site.
  • Support Inbox: You’ll find responses for your reported items in this section. You’ll also see important messages about your account here.
  • Report a Problem: To report a broken feature or give feedback on something, use this option.

Select an option in the "Help & Support" menu.

When you’ve chosen an option, Facebook will open a dedicated page allowing you to submit your request. And that’s all.

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Get Facebook’s Help on an iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone

To access the platform’s help options on your phone, launch the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

If you’re on Android, then in the app’s top-right corner, tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines). If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, then in your screen’s bottom-right corner, tap the “Menu” option.

Tap the hamburger menu in the top-right corner.

On the “Menu” page that opens, scroll down to the bottom. Then, tap “Help & Support.”

Select "Help & Support" at the bottom.

In the expanded “Help & Support” menu, select one of the following options:

  • Help Center: Tap this option to access Facebook’s Help Center where you’ll find a guide on nearly any Facebook topic. You’ll also get answers to many of your account-related problems in this Help Center.
  • Support Inbox: Use this option to see the responses you’ve received for your reported content. Important messages regarding your account are also found here.
  • Report a Problem: To send Facebook a bug report or feedback, select this option.

Choose an option in the "Help & Support" menu.

After tapping an option, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed further.

Contact Facebook Using Help Forms

One more way you can contact Facebook directly is through forms. Facebook makes several forms available that you can use to submit requests or report problems with your account or someone else’s. Here are some of the forms that you can use on the site:

  • Photo Removal Request: To remove your own, your child, or another adult’s photo from the platform, use this form.
  • Account Was Disabled: If your account is disabled, use this form to request Facebook to review the account.
  • Change Name: Use this form to change your first, middle, and last name in your account.
  • Confirm Identity: You can confirm your identity on Facebook by submitting a valid ID card using this form.
  • Medically Incapacitated or Deceased Person: To make changes to an account whose account holder can’t do it because of medical reasons, use this form.
  • Report Violation: To report trademark or copyright violations, utilize this form.
  • Email Already in Use: If someone’s using your email address in a Facebook account, report it with this form.
  • Report Underage Child: If a child below the age of 13 is using Facebook, use this form to report that child’s profile to Facebook.
  • Child Data Request: Get the data Facebook has on your child with this form.
  • Report a Page Unavailable Error: If you encounter a “Page Unavailable” error on Facebook, use this form to let Facebook know about it.

Facebook's account disabled form.

After accessing a form, fill the form and submit it. Facebook will review your request and take appropriate action or get back to you asking for more details.

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