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5G comes with promises of high-speed connectivity, but depending on where you live, your carrier, or your phone model, it might not be living up to the hype. T-Mobile is now deploying an update that might make a significant difference.

Right now, most current 5G implementations use 5G for download and LTE for calls and upload. T-Mobile will now be rolling out its 5G standalone (5G SA) network in a nationwide manner, meaning that users across the country will be able to get access to the full might of 5G connectivity, without relying on LTE. In other words, your phone won’t be falling back to LTE for non-download purposes, but it will instead be using an actual 5G connection for everything.

T-Mobile also says that this is just a stepping stone in the company’s journey to ultimately adding 5G carrier aggregation, which it says should happen very soon. The company said that in the coming weeks, it should begin rolling out the option to combine three channels of Ultra Capacity 5G to achieve even better speeds — up to 3 Gbps, according to T-Mobile, but your mileage may vary in real life. This will initially be exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup, although it will be expanded to additional devices in the near future.

You should begin seeing improved 5G connectivity over the coming weeks, and in the case of the Galaxy S22, vastly improved 5G.

Source: T-Mobile

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