Samsung 256GB Evo Select microSD

Many different devices have microSD slots for storage and expansion, from game consoles to smartphones. Now you can get one of Samsung’s fastest microSD cards with plenty of storage for just $24.

Samsung has a sale on storage devices and memory right now, which includes the company’s 256 GB EVO Select microSD card. It has a V30 video speed rating, meaning it’s fast enough for recording a 1080p video, and the UHS 3 indicator means write speeds are at least 30 MB/s. Samsung advertises a maximum read speed of 130 MB/s.

Samsung EVO Select 256 GB microSD

This is one of the fastest microSD cards available, with an A2 designation for better performance with apps and games.

The most important feature here is the A2 rating, which means it’s one of the best cards available for running applications and games. That makes it ideal for adoptable storage on some Android devices, more room for games on the Nintendo Switch, more file storage for Chromebooks with microSD slots, and more. It’s still just a microSD card, though, so don’t expect speeds anywhere near a regular SSD or other storage device. If microSD is your only option, this is one of the best possible cards.

The 256 GB EVO card normally costs around $27-28, but it’s currently on sale for $23.99. That makes it an excellent purchase for nearly anything that uses microSD storage, with the exception of 4K recording devices.

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