Zoom call in a Tesla

Considering how often drivers yell angrily at other drivers they know can’t hear them in traffic, a vehicle may not be the best place to conduct a work meeting. Nevertheless, Tesla vehicles will soon allow drivers to participate in video conferencing in their cars, without having to use a mobile device.

A brief demo appears to show a Tesla Model Y driver getting a passive-aggressive text from her boss that says, “Have time for quick sync later? Want to get your feedback. :).” And then this poor woman proceeds to hop on a Zoom videocall while charging the vehicle. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

While details of how exactly it would function have not yet been released, it appears that Zoom will use the vehicle’s cabin camera, so they can see what the camera sees and use it as a live feed. They’ll also be able to sync their calendar, and access Zoom directly from there.

Now obviously, none of these features will be available while the car is moving, and only when the car is parked, like at a charging stain or an Arby’s parking lot. You will still be able to access Zoom audio meetings while driving. “Dammit,” a Tesla driver probably thought upon hearing this.

Zoom appears to be shoving work videoconferencing into multiple areas no one’s asked for, including at AMC theaters during the day when when they only people there are disgruntled employees playing hooky from work.

“We’re going to make it even easier for you to Zoom from anywhere,” says Nitasha Walia, a Zoom group product manager. Sounds like a threat.

Source: Drive Tesla Canada

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