images showing the new Story Time feature on the Signal secure messaging platform.
Tap the menu button in the upper left corner of the Signal app, tap "Settings," tap "Stories," and then tap "Turn Off Stories." Restart Signal after changing this setting.

The popular secure messaging platform Signal now has “Story Time,” the company’s version of the stories you see on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. Here’s what they are and, if you like to keep your secure messaging simple, how to turn them off.

What Are Signal Stories?

Don’t get us wrong, we love Signal. And the folks at Signal seem pretty excited to announce Story Time as a feature many users will get a lot of enjoyment and mileage out of. It makes sense for users who want a bit of that social media experience on Signal but without all the privacy implications of using Instagram or other platforms.

The Story Time stories you make are only shared with the friends you select, they’re end-to-end encrypted just like all your other Signal communications, and just like stories on other platforms, they fade away after 24 hours (or sooner if you delete them). It really is a great fit for people who want to share story-style communications with their friends and family but skip the negatives associated with traditional social media.

But if your reaction to Signal getting a bit of a social media vibe because you’ve been using it as a pure and secure escape from the annoying features of social media, we feel you. If you’re not a fan of the feature and want to turn it off, it’s easy to do so. And man, how nice is that? We wish all platforms were that cool and had an easy way to turn off features you didn’t want.

How to Disable Signal Stories

To get rid of Signal stories, simply tap on your menu button in the upper left corner of the app to access the drop-down menu and select “Settings,” then “Stories,” from within the settings menu.

There, you can make adjustments to your stories such as curating who sees them and whether view receipts are turned on.

To turn off Signal stories, simply tap “Turn Off Stories,” and you’ll be prompted to confirm you want to disable stories and delete all existing stories.

images howing how to disable the Story Time function on the Signal secure messaging app.
Jason Fitzpatrick/How-To Geek

After that, you’ll need to close and restart the app for the change to take effect. (Here’s how to restart an app on iPhone or close and restart an app on Android.)

That’s it! Stories are there if you want to play with them, and if you’re sticking to a traditional Signal experience, it’s easy to turn them off.

And hey, while you’re thinking about Signal and mucking around in the settings, now is a great time to take extra steps to make your Signal experience extra secure.

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