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Update, 01/27/2023: We’ve reviewed our recommendations and are confident these are still the best iPhone 14 cases you can buy.

What to Look for in an iPhone Case in 2023

You might be someone who hates putting a case on their phone, and that’s understandable. Cases can be bulky, look strange, and make a phone more difficult to use if poorly designed. Thankfully, many of the cases designed for the iPhone 14 are not any of those things.

Even if you want a case, it could be difficult to know where to start. With myriad options on the market, it’s easy for decision paralysis to set in. That’s why we’ve reviewed the options—so you don’t have to.

First off, make sure the case you want is the right size! Cases built for the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max won’t fit the iPhone 14 due to the difference in screen size.

Regardless of why you’re getting a case, you’ll want it to be a few things. It should be sturdy, something that protects your phone from damage instead of just looking like it might. That’s the core function of a phone case—to protect your expensive electronic device.

It should also, preferably, include MagSafe charging since that’s what each newer generation of iPhone has built-in. A good phone case also shouldn’t be so bulky you can’t get it out of your pocket. Early cases struggled with this problem, but today’s cases don’t have to sacrifice strength for a slim profile. And if they come in multiple colors and styles, so much the better.

Once you’ve covered those bases, you can explore other features like folio cases or wallet cases that let you bring along a few essentials when you’re out and about. What you pick will ultimately depend on your needs and your style.

With that out of the way, let’s check out some of the best cases on the market for the iPhone 14.

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Best iPhone 14 Case Overall: Speck Presidio 2 Pro With Magsafe

Speck Presidio2 on grey background


  • 13 ft. drop protection
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Soft-touch material
  • Low profile


  • Not as much drop protection as more rugged cases

The Speck Presidio 2 Pro is a low profile, simple looking case that comes in multiple colors, and it’s manufactured by one of the best in the game. Magsafe is included, and it gives you more drop protection than Apple’s basic silicone sleeve case which costs the about the same price.

The antimicrobial coating on this case is also a plus for helping to eliminate all those germs from constant handling, and it keeps your phone fingerprint-free so you’re not constantly polishing the glass with your sleeve. They’ve even got discounts for first-time buyers.

Best iPhone 14 Case Overall

Speck Presidio 2 Pro iPhone 14 Case With Magsafe

Speck’s Presidio2 Pro case is solid all-rounder to protect your iPhone in understated style.

Best Budget iPhone 14 Case: Torras iPhone 14 Guardian

torras iPhone 14 Guardian Shockproof Case on pink background


  • Decent drop protection
  • Multiple colors and customizable buttons
  • Affordable


  • Not as well-made as pricer cases

Torras’ Guardian Shockproof Case is under $30 but still rated for 10ft of drop protection, plenty for most people. Torras’ website says the drop protection is “military grade,” which should be taken with a grain of salt but also hold up to everyday dings and drops just fine. It’s also got a simple and low-profile design that comes in multiple colors and won’t add extra bulk to your iPhone.

Another cool plus unique to this case is the multicolored buttons you can customize. It’s also made with recyclable material, according to the manufacturer. Overall a cheap (but not too cheap) case that provides decent protection with a good design.

Best Budget iPhone 14 Case

Torras Guardian Shock Proof Case

Need an affordable iPhone 14 case that doesn’t skimp on protection? This case from Torras will be perfect.

Best MagSafe iPhone 14 Case: Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe

Speck PRESIDIO2 GRIP MAGSAFE on green and blue background


  • Above average drop protection rating
  • Multiple colors available
  • Magsafe compatible
  • Extra grip


  • Not for people looking for loud or unique designs

Slimmer than the previous generation by 20%, Speck’s Presidio2 case has added grip to help it stay in your hand. Like most Speck cases it’s got pretty understated styling, so this might not be the one for you if you’re looking for louder or more colorful designs.

While there aren’t any patterned designs for this case, it does come in multiple colors and has raised rings around the screen bezel and camera ring for a little added protection. Speck says this case is rated for up to 13ft of drop protection, and the built in MagSafe magnets add little to no bulk while still letting you charge wirelessly.

Best MagSafe iPhone 14 Case

Speck Presidio2 Grip Magsafe iPhone 14 Case

Speck is back with a case that adds a little extra grip to our all-around pick, and one that’s compatible with MagSafe.

Best Wallet iPhone 14 Case: Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 2

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 on pink and yellow background


  • Fabric back with cool patterns and styles
  • Can be a minimalist everyday carry wallet


  • Not MagSafe or wireless charging compatible

The Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 case from Smartish is cheap, offers basic protection, and comes in multiple finishes. For the minimalist that doesn’t always want to carry a wallet, it holds three cards plus a bit of cash. There’s also a slot that lets one of your cards be used as a kickstand to prop the phone up, the main selling point of this case besides the ability to act as a tiny wallet.

If you’re looking for a little extra style, this fabric-backed case comes in floral and space prints, among others. One caveat if you’re considering this case: because of the thick fabric backing, it’s not compatible with MagSafe or wireless charging.

Best Wallet iPhone 14 Case

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 Case For iPhone 14

A slim and stylish wallet case for your iPhone 14, the Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 even comes with a built-in kickstand.

Best Rugged iPhone 14 Case: ZAGG Denali Snap

ZAGG gear4 Denali Snap on purple background


  • High drop protection rating
  • Grippy sides for better handling
  • MagSafe and wireless charging compatible


  • D30 material is only in the snap-on back of the case

Probably the sturdiest-rated phone on this list, the Zagg Denali Snap claims 16ft of drop protection. Zagg says the Denali Snap is made from a material called D30 that “hardens on impact” to protect the phone, giving it that extra durability, and it has grooves in the back for extra grip.

This case includes recycled materials in the design, and it’s compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging, so you don’t have to trade protection for ease of charge. It’s got a slim profile than a lot of “rugged” cases with giant bulky corners, which is nice to see. It’s also in the same price bracket as most cases with some form of advanced protection.

Best Rugged iPhone 14 Case

Zagg Denali Snap iPhone 14 Case

Zagg offers a sleek case that still offers great protection from nastier falls.

Best Clear iPhone 14 Case: UAG Plyo For Magsafe

UAQ clear case on yellow background


  • High drop protection rating
  • Slim, rugged design
  • Anti-yellowing finish
  • MagSafe compatible


  • Limited color options: clear and "ash"

Like the Zagg case, the UAG Plyo is rated for a manufacturer-claimed 16ft of drop protection. It also has an anti-scratch and anti-smudge coating and just looks impressive. The design is just rugged-looking enough to avoid being too bulky and incorporates an anti-yellowing finish to reduce UV damage over time.

As the name implies, it’s MagSafe compatible, and appears to have a raised lip around the camera area and screen bezel. Bottom line: the Plyo looks great if you’re into transparent phone cases, and has a slim profile while costing less than other, less capable offerings.

Best Clear iPhone 14 Case

UAG Plyo For Magsafe

This option from UAG is a clean-looking transparent case with rugged protections built-in.

Best Thin iPhone 14 Case: Totallee iPhone 14 Case

Totallee thin case on purple background


  • Super thin
  • MagSafe compatible
  • More protection than a naked iPhone


  • No raised lip around the screen
  • Not built for more than "minor" drops

With its ultra-minimal design, Totallee’s iPhone 14 Case is the pick for someone who doesn’t like cases. Totallee says their case is the slimmest on the market at 0.02” thin, and it comes in several colors. At $39, it’s relatively affordable and made of TPU to protect your phone from minor drops/scratches. It’s so thin that an extra metal ring inside the case isn’t necessary for MagSafe charging, and there are button cutouts to let you access everything while the case is on.

As you might’ve guessed, the downside to this case is that it’s not very substantial. Totallee says it’s made to protect from “everyday scrapes, bumps, and minor drops” and while there’s a lip around the camera area, there is no raised lip around the screen, so you’ll want to pair this one with a screen protector.

Best Thin iPhone 14 Case

Totallee Thin iPhone 14 Case

If all you’re worried about is protecting your iPhone 14 with as little bulk as possible, Totallee’s case is your best pick.

Best Leather iPhone 14 Case: Nomad Modern Leather Case

Nomad leather case on blue background


  • Classic leather look that patinas over time
  • 10ft. drop protection rating
  • Reasonable price point
  • MagSafe compatible


  • Less drop protection than more rugged cases

Nomad’s Modern Leather Case is made from high-quality leather and its 10ft drop protection is more than you might expect from a luxury leather case that’s usually focused on aesthetics. Like a good leather jacket, it’s made to wear over time for an antique-ish weathered look.

Rubberized corners protect the outside from excessive wear, tear, and drops while a soft interior with added side protection cushions the phone from the inside. The case is MagSafe compatible, so you can be fancy and charge wirelessly. It’s also pretty affordably priced for a leather case, comparable to some of the other TPU ones on this list.

Best Leather iPhone 14 Case

Nomad Modern Leather Case For iPhone 14

Nomad offers a classy leather case that wears in like your favorite jacket.

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