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Are you still writing your to-do list? If so, you may find that a to-do list app makes managing your tasks easier. However, with so many apps out there, which do you choose? Here’s our list of the best task management apps for 2023.

This list of to-do list apps is in no particular order. Because each one offers the basic features you’d expect in a task management app, we’ll highlight notable features that make it stand out.

Update, 1/23/23: We originally published this article in November 2022. Since then, we’ve reviewed our guide and added links for Linux users. We’re still confident these are the best to-do apps you can get.

Convenient and Free for Apple Users: Apple Reminders

Apple Reminders To Do list

Apple Reminders is a convenient way to go if you own an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or all of the above. The app comes standard with all Apple devices, and gives you healthy features that have improved over time.

  • Reminders: Aptly named, this app offers great flexibility for reminders. Not only can you select a date and time, but you can receive reminders based on your location and when you’re messaging a specific person.
  • Sharing and assigning: You can easily share a to-do list which is ideal for household chores or grocery lists. You can also assign tasks to certain people you’re sharing the list with, making it perfect for delegation.
  • Repeating tasks: Where many task apps limit your options for repeating tasks, Reminders is completely versatile. Of course, you can create daily, weekly, or monthly reminders, but you can also use the custom option to create reminders that pop up every 28 days or every other Tuesday.

Additional task features include setting a priority, adding a URL, inserting an image, and including a tag.

If you’re an Apple device user, taking Apple Reminders for a spin just makes sense. You’ll appreciate using it on all your devices, including Siri on your HomePod and via iCloud.com. Get the app on iPhone and iPad.

Attractive and Free for Microsoft Users: Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do Planned list

Microsoft To Do is perfect for Microsoft fans. But that’s not the only reason this option is on our list. Microsoft To Do offers its own strong set of features and extras.

  • Plain language tasks: Instead of picking out each item for a task, you can simply enter what you want in plain text. For example, you can type “Pay utility bill by Friday 6 p.m.” and the app will add it for you with that due date and time.
  • Tasks in Outlook: You can access Microsoft To Do straight from Outlook, giving you a quick and handy way to add tasks from emails you receive. Plus, you can click the To Do button in Outlook to see what’s on your plate or select the Flagged Email section in To Do to view those marked Outlook messages.
  • Task steps: Like subtasks, you can add steps to a task and mark each one complete as you go. This is convenient for those overarching to-dos that have smaller tasks within them. You can also promote a step so that it becomes a parent task.

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Additional features include eye-catching themes, repeating tasks, flexible reminders, notes, file attachments, and the ability to assign to-dos to others. You can get Microsoft To Do for Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows.

Handy and Free for Google App Users: Google Tasks

Google Tasks in Google Calendar

What makes Google Tasks handy for Google app users is that you can quickly access it when using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Chat, Drive, and Gmail on the web. Just pop open the side panel and there it is.

  • Subtasks: With the subtask feature, you can add more to-dos related to the parent one. This lets you easily manage larger projects that won’t be complete until all subtasks are done.
  • Starred tasks: When you have a long list of to-dos, some are usually more important than others. By adding a star to a task, you can quickly access all Starred Tasks with a simple click. You can also sort individual lists by those to-dos that you starred recently.
  • Tasks on Google Calendar: Another convenient feature of Google Tasks is that you can display your to-dos on your Google Calendar. For those tasks with due dates, this is a terrific way to see them alongside your schedule.

Additional task features include setting a time with the due date, repeating to-dos, and having the ability to print your lists.

If you use Google’s productivity apps for work or school, Google Tasks is the handiest tool for managing your to-dos. Looking for a mobile version? You can download Google Tasks for Android and iPhone, and on desktops find Tasks in the right-hand side panel on Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, and other Google productivity apps.

Full-Featured and Widely Available: TickTick

TickTick All tasks

For a to-do list app that goes above and beyond with robust and useful features, TickTick is a stellar option. Plus, it’s available on the web, mobile devices, and your Windows or Mac desktop and syncs across these platforms. Best of all, it’s free.

  • Task templates: You can choose from handy templates that include tasks that you can edit to fit your needs. You can also save existing tasks as templates. Both can give you a quick start for packing lists, things to do before work, or daily to-dos.
  • List sections: Break up your to-do lists into sections for powerful task management. For example, you may have a list for work with sections for each of your clients and one for events with sections for vendors.
  • Comments: As you work on your tasks, you can add comments. This is helpful for tasks that are delayed, need more detail, or those you’re sharing with others. You also have the ability to delete comments if needed.

Additional features include repeating tasks, flexible reminders, list sharing, tags, subtasks, file uploads, filters, and habit tracking. As mentioned, TickTick is free but does offer a paid upgrade for items like task and list activities, timeline view, calendar view, duration, and other useful task management features.

TickTick is available for download for Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows. You can also find a Linux version on TickTick’s download page.

Appealing and Easy-To-Use: Any.do

Any.do All tasks

Not everyone needs all the bells and whistles when it comes to features. If you’re looking for a to-do list app that is super easy to use, check out Any.do. You’ll appreciate its simplicity and the basic features you need to get things done on the web, your desktop, or your mobile device.

  • Flexible views: When you use Any.do on the web, you can view your to-dos with a My Day view to see what’s currently on your plate, a seven-day view in Kanban board style, or all of your tasks with boards for today, tomorrow, and upcoming.
  • Quick task adding: You can enter a task and save it with a simple click. Alternatively, pick the reminder timing, choose a list, and add a tag.
  • Integrations, import, and sync: Connect your Google Calendar to see your day’s events, appointments, and meetings alongside your to-dos. Or connect to Zapier, WhatsApp Reminders (paid feature), or Slack to see your tasks anywhere. You can also import to-dos from Trello, Asana, Monday.com, and similar task management applications.

Additional task features include reminders, subtasks, tags, file attachments, notes, and an archive. Any.do is free but also offers a paid upgrade for features like advanced recurring reminders, customized themes, location-based reminders, and more.

While you can use Any.do in your browser, you can also download the app for Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows. On Linux, you can use the Chrome app.

A to-do list app can seriously up your task management game. Give one of these options a go!

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