Favorites feed view in the Instagram app on iPhone.
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To switch to Instagram's chronological feed, tap the app logo and select "Following." You can also select "Favorites" to see posts from accounts you've added to your Favorites list.

Do you want to see the most recent posts from the accounts you follow on Instagram? If so, change your feed’s order to chronological, and you’ll be all set. Here’s how to do that on your iPhone or Android phone.

How the Instagram Chronological Feed Works

By default, Instagram shows you posts that it thinks you’ll like, even if it means placing an old post at the top of your feed while keeping a recent one at the bottom. It does that by learning your preferences from your app usage and other sources.

However, if you’d like the platform to show you the most recent posts at the top, you can do so by switching to chronological feed order.

This is an official Instagram feature that allows you to see the posts from the people you follow in a time-based order.

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View Instagram’s Feed in Chronological Order on iPhone and Android

To view posts in a time-based order, launch the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android phone.

When the app launches, in the top-left corner, tap the Instagram logo.

Select the Instagram logo at the top-left corner.

A menu containing two options will open:

  • Following: To see posts from the accounts you follow on Instagram in chronological order, choose this option.
  • Favorites: To view posts from the accounts you’ve added to your “Favorites” list, tap this option.
Note: If you don’t find the above two options after tapping the Instagram logo, update the app on your iPhone or Android.

Choose "Following" or "Favorites."

On the page that opens, you’ll find the most recent post at the top.

Instagram's chronological feed.

Note: Instagram won’t save your selection as the default. You’ll need to switch to chronological order each time you open your app.

And that’s it! While you’re at it, learn how to view your recently seen ads on Instagram.

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