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Often abbreviated YTP, YouTube Poop videos are humorous remixes of existing material. They're often vulgar and satirical but almost always meant to make you laugh. Some YouTube Poops are even important to internet culture and history.

Despite its vulgar name, YouTube Poop is a staple of the YouTube platform and an immensely interesting form of self-expression. Often abbreviated YTP, it’s an important part of web culture, and you’ve probably seen it without realizing it.

What Does YouTube Poop Mean?

SuperYoshi/Nintendo– A famous early YouTube Poop video.

YouTube Poop videos, also called YouTube Poops or simply YTP, are hard to describe, and there are many subgenres. In general, YTPs are absurdist remixes of existing footage posted on sites like YouTube to entertain, confound, and serve as joke links you can share to “troll” other people.

YouTube Poop videos use any source of video content imaginable; cartoons, TV shows, anime, films, and much more. Clips from obscure or foreign media are fertile ground for YTP content or remixing popular mainstream shows such as Spongebob Squarepants.

Editing techniques such as repeating clips, creating new dialogue through clever cuts, distorting character faces, mashing up content from different video frames, and anything else a creative editor can come up with culminate in YouTube Poop.

That explains what YouTube Poop is, but why is it a thing? Absurdist art, parody, satire, pastiche, and other related art forms are of course nothing new, and YouTube Poop is just more of it in a new medium. What sets it apart is that more people can make YouTube Poop. The YTP genre has its own tropes and humor; anyone with a basic video editor and an internet connection can make and upload YouTube Poop.

How Long Have YouTube Poops Existed?

The first example of YouTube Poop is most likely The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 REMIXED!!! by SuperYoshi, and it wasn’t originally posted to YouTube. This means that YouTube Poop might actually predate YouTube itself slightly.

After almost two decades, YouTube Poop content is still going strong and is more diverse and creative than ever. Using a Google search of YouTube titles, the term “YTP” comes up 169 000 times, so there’s a mountain of YouTube Poop videos or videos that discuss it.


YouTube Poop, by its nature, has a puerile streak, and a lot of the humor in some videos relies on some pretty crude jokes. So if you want to check out YouTube Poop content, be warned that it’s possibly NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Even if it isn’t particularly offensive, though, it may be disturbing or incomprehensible.

That being said, many of the best YouTube Poops are hilarious or smart, biting satire. Some of it feels truly artistic and may be one of the best examples of remix culture. A lot of it, quite frankly, may be reportable to YouTube.

YouTube Poop Is (Maybe) Actually Important

It’s easy to dismiss YouTube Poop as just weird internet noise, but it’s one of the many individual chaos engines that makes the web an interesting place. Like memes that originate on obscure image boards, much YTP content ends up as viral clips on mainstream social media sites where people will laugh hysterically at them even if they don’t know why.

YouTube Poop might be the Roman graffiti (Google it at your peril) of the digital age. Yes, it’s sometimes off-color, but it also offers a glimpse into a time and a place. It reflects the humor and concerns of the people who took the time to make it and is more important than its disposable facade might suggest.

Dipping Your Toe in YouTube Poop

At this point, you may want to see YouTube Poop for yourself. A healthy sense of curiosity is good, but it’s probably not a good idea to just type “YTP” into YouTube and click on the first videos that pop up. Aperture Science Sells Faulty Products is a mild SFW (Safe For Work) example of what we’re talking about here. You can find more by searching for “SFW YTP,” but be warned that even YouTube Poop marked as “safe” is still likely to contain coarse language.

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