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Amazon has historically been non-flexible when it comes to its payment methods — while it accepts credit and debit cards, the platform has been reluctant to accept alternative payment methods such as PayPal. Now, though, you can pay for purchases using your Venmo account.

Amazon now supports the PayPal-owned P2P payment platform for purchases. You’re able to use your Venmo balance for purchases, or use a credit/debit card or a linked bank account through the platform. If you want to, you can also use your Venmo balance as your default for Amazon payments going forward, and the platform’s purchase protections still apply to your Amazon shopping — Amazon’s own protections also apply, of course, so this could very well be one of the safest ways to buy.

Venmo payment window on Amazon

This option is only available for US shoppers, of course, and comes a year after Amazon promised it would soon roll out Venmo support to its shopping experience. Apps like Venmo and Cash App are increasingly being used as alternatives to traditional banking, and Venmo itself has gotten features such as the ability to cash checks, receive direct deposits, and even pay for Lyft rides. Now, you can use it for a large part of your shopping thanks to Amazon support.

Amazon is now rolling out Venmo support to a few US users, and it should be available for everyone right on time for your Black Friday shopping spree later next month.

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