Two AI generated images side by side of the same room with different styles
Taylor Crane (Twitter)

AI image generation is improving at a rapid rate, and more use cases for the technology are popping up constantly. “Interior AI” is another implementation, which shows what your home could look like in dozens of different styles in one click.

Interior AI is a website that accepts photos of a room, and then uses AI to decorate the room in one of several styles. The current list of options includes Tropical, Minimalist, Cottagecore, and Art Deco. Some functionality is available for free, but there is also a subscription that adds unlimited renders, faster and higher quality images, more styles, and other features.

Interior AI demo with a small room
Original image (left) and two renders (center, right) Taylor Crane (Twitter)

The results can be impressive, especially how the site is able to remove decorations in a room before applying new ideas. Interior designers don’t have to worry about AI taking their jobs quite yet, though. Some generated images are incredible, while others are nightmarish creations with furniture bleeding into the walls. You too can live in a Salvador Dalí-themed escape room.

AI generated image of a room with a table blended together with the floor
What’s going on with that table? Interior AI demo

There’s also a crucially important feature missing — the ability to directly buy the decorations picked by the AI. If you decide you want to replicate the generated image in real life, you’ll have to go searching for similar products yourself. A future version of this tool with one-click Amazon links would be impressive.

You can try the tool out for yourself by visiting in your browser. There are a few examples listed on the site, and more are available on Twitter.

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