Boss BE7ACP-CFT infotainment unit sitting on a wooden countertop

If you’re driving a car from 2015 or earlier, chances are it shipped without Android Auto or Apple CarPlay on board. That means you’ve missed out on seven years of auto infotainment innovation. The good news is that you can upgrade your setup by buying an aftermarket system, like this Boss BE7ACP-CFT package, for $120 off its usual retail price.

There’s quite a bit Android Auto and CarPlay can do that your run-of-the-mill infotainment system can’t. For starters, you get hands-free controls powered by the latest iterations of Google Assistant or Siri (depending on which OS you choose). You also get access to a range of familiar apps via the Boss BE7ACP-CFT’s big 7-inch touchscreen, including maps, music, and phone. You even get regular software updates to patch bugs and introduce new features over time.

Boss BE7ACP-CFT Infotainment Package

The Boss BE7ACP-CFT Infotainment Package is a third-party Android Auto and Apple CarPlay head unit for your car that can access your favorite apps, provide hands-free controls with Google Assistant and Siri, and improve your reversing skills with a backup camera.

Note: Before buying, input your car make and model to be sure the Boss BE7ACP-CFT Package is compatible with your vehicle.

The Boss BE7ACP-CFT highlighted in today’s deal comes with both Android Auto and CarPlay, so you can use whichever one works best with your phone. It has an AM/FM tuner if you’d like to listen to radio, as well as 10-band EQ for dialing in the right sound. Also, with some help from the included 7-inch touch display, you get a backup camera so that you can feel more confident when reversing your vehicle.

You can pick up the Boss BE7ACP-CFT today for $199.99 ($120 off). It comes with everything you need in the box, including the 7-inch monitor, wiring harnesses, mounting brackets, and more. If installing the infotainment system yourself seems daunting, you may wish to take your car to an expert audio installation shop. Finally, note that the Boss BE7ACP-CFT may not be compatible with all vehicles, so check your make and model before making a purchase.

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