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To restart a PS4 using the controller, hold down the PS button and choose Power > Restart PS4. Or, on your screen, select Power > Power Options > Restart PS4. To reboot the console without a controller, press the Power button for seven seconds. Press the same button once to turn the back console on.

Is your PlayStation 4 frozen? Do your favorite games keep crashing? Restarting your PS4 can fix these issues and more. You can even reboot your PS4 with or without a controller. We’ll show you how.

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How to Reboot a PS4 Using a Controller

If you’d like to use your controller to turn your PS4 off and back on, use one of these two methods.

Use the Quick Menu

The Quick Menu hosts various commonly used options, one of which is a restart option.

Launch the Quick Menu by pressing and holding the PS button on your controller.

Press and hold down the PS button.
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In the left sidebar, select “Power.” On the right, choose “Restart PS4.”

Select Power > Restart PS4.

Your console will then turn off and back on.

Use the Power Menu

You can also restart using the Power menu.

To do so, from your PS4 home screen’s top-right corner, select the “Power” option.

Select "Power" in the top-right corner.

Choose “Power Options” in the menu.

Select "Power Options."

Select “Restart PS4.”

Choose "Restart PS4."

How to Restart a PS4 Without a Controller

If you’ve misplaced your controller or it’s not working, you can still reboot your PS4 console.

To do that, on your console itself, press and hold down the Power button for about seven seconds. Let go of the button when you hear the second beep.

Note: If you release the Power button before the second beep, your PS4 will enter Rest Mode instead.
Press and hold down the Power button for seven seconds.
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Wait for your PS4’s light to stop blinking. When that happens, turn your PS4 back on by pressing the same Power button.

If you continue to experience issues, boot your PS4 in Safe Mode for further troubleshooting.

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