Even though Wi-Fi 6E is the hot new wireless network standard, there are still very few devices that support it. If you have an older router or mesh system, now is a wonderful time to upgrade, because Amazon is heavily discounting its Eero 6+ mesh system that supports Wi-Fi 6.

The one-pack and two-pack versions of the Eero 6+ are currently listed at typical prices ($139 and $239, respectively), but the three-pack is discounted to $194 for Amazon Prime subscribers right now. With three mesh stations, the Eero 6+ can provide fast Wi-Fi 6 speeds at up to 4,500 square feet of space. It’s perfect for large homes, or homes constructed with plenty of concrete and other materials in walls that can be challenging for wireless signals.

Amazon Eero 6+ (3-pack)

The three-pack Eero 6+ is an excellent mesh router system for large homes, or any other area that struggles with strong Wi-Fi signals. The current discount is exclusive to Amazon Prime customers.

Like all Eero routers (and most other mesh Wi-Fi systems), setup and management is handled with an easy-to-use mobile app. The mesh system on its own has all the basic features you might expect, like a list of connected devices, but Amazon also sells a separate subscription that adds parental controls and various security features. The cheaper model, the regular Eero 6, is one of our picks for the best mesh routers.

This sale is a significant 35% discount from the original $299 MSRP, and still lower than the usual cost of around $239. It’s not the lowest price ever — it was $191 for a while at the end of August and start of September 2022 — but this is still a great deal for full-home fast Wi-Fi.

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