Smartphone screen showing the DuckDuckGo logo.

The DuckDuckGo browser, pitched as a “privacy-first” browser, was first introduced at the end of last year, but Mac users could only enjoy it as a “closed beta” until this point. That’s changing today, though. The beta is open for everyone, and you can check the browser out on your Mac right now.

DuckDuckGo has announced that its browser can now be downloaded by anyone with a Mac. While it’s still a beta (and you might not want to use it as your main browser just yet for that reason), the browser is much closer to a finished product now. And it comes with some enticing additions. For one, according to DuckDuckGo, the browser consumes 60% less data than Chrome on Mac, and it also gets rid of trackers and invasive ads before they’re able to load.

Window of the DuckDuckGo browser with Bitwarden open

The browser also integrates with Bitwarden, giving you a privacy-first password manager that can fill in your passwords on websites and suggest random passwords when you’re signing up for new accounts. And in a new addition from the closed beta, you now also have Duck Player, a wrapper for YouTube videos that blocks ads and incorporates strict privacy settings, working as an embedded video.

If this sounds like a good replacement for your browser, you can download it from DuckDuckGo’s website. The company says a Windows version is still in early testing, and there are no plans right now to support desktop Linux.

Source: DuckDuckGo

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