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Amazon already sells a lot of stuff, from smartphones to digital movies to medication. Now the online store is trying something different: home insurance.

Amazon is rolling out new home insurance comparison portal in the United Kingdom, dubbed the “Amazon Insurance Store.” The company itself isn’t selling you insurance — not yet, anyway — but it will compare quotes from home insurance companies in one place. If you’ve ever used sites like Moneysupermarket or QuoteWizard, this will seem similar. Amazon takes a cut of the sale, again like most of the competition.

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Amazon told TechCrunch in a statement, “Shopping online for home insurance is a well-established experience, and our goal is to exceed customers’ expectations when it comes to the Amazon Insurance Store. This initial launch is just the beginning—we’ll continue to innovate and make refinements, all with the aim of delighting customers and providing the most convenient shopping experience possible.” There’s no word yet on an expansion beyond the UK.

Amazon already dominates online commerce, for better or worse, but it’s clear the company is looking to expand beyond typical retail store offerings. It announced the purchase of a healthcare company in July, One Medical, which could pave the way for Amazon-branded physical and virtual health clinics in the future. Amazon has also offered deliveries of prescription medications for a while.

Home insurance, at least, seems slightly less dystopian than your Echo smart speaker diagnosing your cough and automatically writing a prescription. As a bonus, your home could come with access to Prime Video.

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