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Google is attempting to improve the Android experience on tablets right now, ahead of the company’s Pixel Tablet expected next year. The Chrome browser isn’t much different on Android tablets compared to the phone version, but that’s now changing.

Google Chrome’s new tablet experience wants to bring the browser a few steps closer to the experience you get on desktop, with the addition of several new features — while other additions seek to keep and improve some of its mobile aspects.

For one, the new version implements a new side-by-side design to make it easier to find the proper tab. returning to your prior tab using auto-scroll back. It’ll also hide the close button when tabs grow too small, and if you do close one on accident, one-step restore can recover it for you. And if tabs are too clumsy for you, you have a visual grid that lets you select the tab you’re looking for more easily.


One of the most important additions is tab groups. If you use them on your desktop, you’ll be glad to know that you can now use them as well on your Android tablet, so you can better organize related tabs. The browser is also gaining drag-and-drop functionality — you can now drag images and links from Chrome and move them into apps like Keep or Gmail — and set the option for Chrome to always request the desktop version of websites.

The improved version of Chrome on tablets is now rolling out, so keep an eye out for an update coming to your device over the coming days or weeks.

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