Xbox’s Elite controllers are some of the best gaming controllers around. They don’t come cheap, but they do come jam-packed with features, like interchangable buttons and paddles. If you wanted a PlayStation equivalent, you finally have an official one — meet the DualSense Edge.

Pro-grade controllers for PlayStation consoles have existed for a few years, but they were third-party ones from the likes of Razer. This one, though, is the first such official offering from Sony. This controller is your average DualSense controller, but pretty much everything about it can be tuned.

You can swap thumb sticks (letting you choose from high-dome, low-dome, and standard sticks), add back buttons/paddles (half-dome or lever), and map them to your liking. You can customize the trigger hair locks at the rear to adjust the travel distance in some games, and you can customize the thumb sticks’ sensitivity and dead zones. You’ll even be able to swap out the actual thumb stick modules if you like, although you’ll have to buy those separately.

All in all, it looks like a pretty similar offering to Xbox’s Elite 2 controller. You even get a braided USB cable that can be locked into the controller. And it has a carrying case that comes with the controller, the cable, and all of those replaceable buttons and sticks.

If you wish to buy one, it’ll set you back $200. It will be available from January 26th, 2023. The thumb stick module replacements will also be available from that date, and they’ll cost $20 a pop. You’ll be able to pre-order it from October 25th.

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