Microsoft Outlook has been available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices for years, with occasional updates to the design and features. Microsoft is now planning a few significant changes to the mobile app, which will appear over the coming months.

The Outlook mobile app is receiving a new tab bottom bar on Android, iPhone, and iPad, with shortcuts to mail, contacts, calendar, files, contacts, and other Microsoft services. If you use Outlook with a remotely-managed work account, the tab bar can also contain third-party integrations and custom services (much like Microsoft Teams), depending on what the organization has rolled out. Outlook will also allow you to move around, add, or remove buttons from the tab bar — right now it only has fixed buttons for email, search, and calendar.

images of customizable tab bar on mobile Outlook

Microsoft is also changing the search page and button to “Feed,” which the company hopes will clarify that it can do more than just search for emails — it already integrates with to-do items, news (if you’re using an organization account), and other features. Files and contacts have been moved out of the feed page, since they will have their own buttons in the navigation bar, and search is also still available at the top of the mail and calendar pages.

Finally, the floating action button for quickly starting a new email is getting bigger. Tapping on it will still create a new message, but Microsoft is adding an upper-arrow button to the side for more actions, like creating a new calendar event.

The mobile update comes as Microsoft is working on a completely-new Outlook for Windows, based on the web experience, which could eventually roll out to other desktop platforms. No matter where you use Outlook, there’s a lot of change on the way.

Source: Microsoft

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