Klipsch Cinema 600 sitting underneath a TV on an entertainment center

Just as great movies and TV shows are meant to be watched, they crave to be heard with the same heart-pounding diatribe found at your local movie theater. While you may not be able to create this exact experience at home, you can certainly inject more life into your favorite shows with the Klipsch Cinema 600 sound bar, now down to $449 ($100 off) through Sunday.

The latest and greatest Smart TVs may come with gorgeous high-resolution displays, but they often lack comparably brilliant speakers. With no good place to put them, built-in solutions are usually pointed in a way that obfuscates sound, or they’re too small and tinny to provide a robust audio experience. The only way to get theater-quality audio is to pick up a dedicated sound bar.

The Klipsch Cinema 600 bundle is a great contender if you’re looking for rich, robust sound. This 3.1-channel sound bar with 7 high-performance speakers will wrap your ears in rich, decadent sound waves, while the included subwoofer provides adrenaline-pumping bass that puts you directly in the action. Together, they create a virtual surround sound experience like nothing else you’ve felt in your home.

Klipsch Cinema 600

The Klipsch Cinema 600 is a sound bar + subwoofer bundle that delivers theater-grade audio with virtual surround sound to any home setup.

The sound bar itself features an elegant wraparound grille cloth with premium wood end caps, all packed into a low-profile design that makes it a beautiful addition to your living room or home theater. It also runs on Bluetooth technology, so you don’t need to worry about plugging in wires or tripping over cables to get a great experience.

You can put the Klipsch Cinema 600 sound bar under your TV this week for $449 ($100 off), but that’s not all. This offer is part of a larger sale Klipsch is hosting through Sunday. Right now, you can also save hundreds on the even more robust Klipsch Cinema 800 and the flagship Cinema 1200.

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