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Post-it Notes are the stuff of passive-aggressive dreams, sprawled out on work whiteboards as part of some overly elaborate plan, or a reminder to do something you don’t want to do, which is why you wrote it on a Post-it Note. Microsoft has now incorporated the curly, sticky squares into its Teams app.

The new partnership allows users to take those handwritten notes you could once escape by leaving the office, and digitize them onto Teams where they’re much harder to avoid. According to a press release, the partnership will drive “team collaboration with a new app for Microsoft Teams that allows for an inclusive teamwork environment– from ideation to fruition.”

Users will be able to create, capture, and share Post-it Notes (sometimes known as Post-it® Notes) with the digital whiteboard tool. So users can take a picture of the whiteboard Post-it Notes and upload them, at which point you can change their color, share, assign, sort, and vote on them. The once analog Post-it Notes will have more power than ever before.

“During a time when the ability to collaborate in hybrid environments is critical, the partnership between the Post-it® App and Microsoft Teams creates a seamless way for millions of users to put their ideas into action and accelerate the momentum of any project,” said Heather Green, global vice president of Post-it® Brand and Scotch™ Brand at 3M.

So, for instance, you could have a digital note that says “Accelerate the momentum of any project,” and assign that to the new guy on a pink note with a due date of 4 p.m.

The app also features a “Zen Mode” to silence others for focus like you can’t do in actual meetings, an “Explore Topics” feature that can bring in other unwanted ideas from external sources like Bing, and even a “Search & Stack” tool, which can identify key themes.

What the notes won’t be able to do is gain sentience and complete the task themselves. That’ll still be on you. Is all this more efficient than sticking a note to the wall at work and/or just quitting? Tough to say.

Source: Microsoft, 3M

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