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Microsoft has been cramming its Edge web browser with new features at a rapid rate, to the point where the browser often feels too bloated and complex. However, one feature on the way sounds incredibly useful: Edge Workspaces.

Microsoft announced many new features coming to its web browser today, most of which are aimed at use in corporate environments and other organizations. Edge Workspaces is the most exciting addition, which Microsoft describes as “a shared set of browser tabs where everyone can view the same websites and latest working files for a project in one place.”

Here’s how it works: you can create a link to a workspace from the Edge browser, and then share it to anyone else with Edge. People who join the workspace will see any tabs you have open, and if someone else opens a new tab, it will appear in your browser as well. It’s like a combination of bookmarks and Google Docs-style collaboration, with profile pictures on tabs to indicate who is using which tabs. However, the tabs aren’t remote desktop sessions — everyone still needs their own logins for any restricted pages or documents.

The new feature is intended to be a replacement for constantly sharing links in a workplace setting, especially through team chat services like Slack and Teams. Edge Workspaces is in the initial stages of testing right now, and only works for people with Edge browsers managed by an organization using Azure. Microsoft says general public availability should arrive sometime in 2023.

Source: Microsoft Edge Blog

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