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To embed a YouTube video, copy the video's URL and insert it into your slide by clicking Insert > Video from the menu bar. You can also embed a local video by uploading it to Google Drive and then clicking Insert > Video > Google Drive to locate and insert your video.

Want to add some flair to your presentations? Google Slides allows you to embed YouTube and Google Drive videos in your slides. It also allows you to customize your video’s playback. We’ll show you how to embed your videos right here.

Embed a YouTube Video in Google Slides

If you’re looking to embed a YouTube video, all you have to do is grab your video’s URL (web link) and paste it into your presentation.

To start, launch YouTube and access your video. Then, click the address bar and copy the entire video link.

Copy the YouTube video link from the address bar.

Next, open Google Slides in your browser and launch your presentation. Access the slide in which you want to embed your video.

Then, from the menu bar, select Insert > Video.

Choose Insert > Video in the menu bar.

An “Insert Video” window will launch. In the tab list at the top, select the “By URL” tab. Then, in the “Paste YouTube URL Here” field, paste the YouTube video link you copied earlier.

Review the video’s thumbnail; if all looks good, click “Select” in the window’s bottom-left corner.

Your video is now embedded in your chosen slide.

YouTube video embedded in Google Slides.

If you’d like to customize your video’s playback, check the last section in this guide.

Embed a Local or Google Drive Video in Google Slides

If you’d like to embed a local video in your presentation, then first upload that video to your Google Drive account. Once it’s in Drive, you can use the steps below to add it to your chosen slide.

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Start the embed process by accessing Google Slides in a web browser and launching your presentation.

Select the slide in which you want to embed your video, then from the menu bar at the top, select Insert > Video.

Choose Insert > Video in the menu bar.

On the “Insert Video” window, from the tab list at the top, select the “Google Drive” tab.

In the “Google Drive” tab, find and click the video you want to embed. Then, in the window’s bottom-left corner, click “Select.”

Pick the video and choose "Select."

Google Slides will then embed your chosen video in your slide.

Google Drive video embedded in Google Slides.

Customize an Embedded Video’s Playback in Google Slides

You have various ways to customize how your video plays in your Google Slides presentation.

You can reveal the available customization options by clicking your embedded video in your slide. Then, on the right pane, you’ll see a “Format Options” sidebar.

The sidebar offers the following ways to customize your video playback:

  • Video Playback: In this section, you can manipulate how your video plays and when it starts and stops. You can also mute the audio in your video.
  • Size & Rotation: This option lets you change your video’s height and width. This way, you can make your video’s card appear larger or smaller in your slide.
  • Position: Here, you can choose the position of your video on your slide. You can manually enter the X and Y-axis values.
  • Drop Shadow: If you want to add a drop-shadow effect to your video, use this option.

Google Slides' video customization options.

Since Google Slides automatically saves your changes, you don’t have to do anything after making changes to ensure they’re reflected in your presentation. Be sure to check out the other useful features found inside Google Slides.

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