Have you found the address for a place that you would like to visit while browsing but no map is available on the website? Now you can see the map and an aerial view image using the Bookmaplet Bookmarklet.

Get the Bookmarklet

To install Bookmaplet visit the website, grab the bookmarklet with your mouse, and drag it onto your “Bookmarks Toolbar”. Now you are ready to view the maps and images for street addresses that you may find while browsing.

Bookmaplet in Action

Time to try our new bookmarklet. For our first test we wanted to view the map for Microsoft in Redmond, WA. When you find an address that you would like to see a map of highlight the address only, not any of the other information. Once you have highlighted the street address click on Bookmaplet…

The map will open in a popup window as shown here. Notice that there are three “views” available…

Note: During our tests the window could not be resized.

Here is a close-up of the regular map after zooming in closer…

Perhaps you would prefer an image instead? Click on “Satellite” to see an aerial view…

Both views can be combined if that is the style that works best for you.

For our second test we decided to go International and look for Google’s offices in Singapore. Once again we made certain to only highlight the street address portion before clicking on Bookmaplet…

Very nice…

After a little bit of zooming we have a good map ready to use.

The aerial photo was not quite as clear here but still very useful.

The combined view here is very helpful due to the higher number of buildings present and the slightly blurry image.


If you find yourself needing a quick access map for street addresses that you find on websites, then you will certainly want to give this little bookmarklet a try.


Add the Bookmaplet Bookmarklet to Your Browser

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