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Vivaldi started as a power user alternative to browsers like Chrome and Firefox, but these days, it’s a full-featured suite of productivity tools. Now there’s a new feature that improves upon the existing calendar functionality.

Vivaldi 5.5 is now rolling out, and the main new feature is a Tasks Panel that can be opened from the sidebar. It functions much like Google Tasks, Microsoft To Do, or other basic task management systems. You can create and delete tasks, and assigning dates to them adds the tasks to the Vivaldi calendar, too. There are also options to add a location, description (with can include links), and reminders. Combined with the existing email, calendar, and RSS feed management, Vivaldi is now like Outlook or Thunderbird with a web browser bolted on. It’s also similar to Gmail, which has an optional Google Tasks sidebar on desktop.

There are a few other changes in Vivaldi 5.5, too. “Parts of the Address Field logic have been rewritten to improve speed,” according to the team’s blog post, and the browser now fully supports the upgraded window snapping in Windows 11 (just hover over the maximize button). There’s also an updated setup process for Vivaldi Mail that more closely mirrors other popular mail clients, where most of the configuration is automatically detected once you enter an email address.

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If you don’t see the Tasks Panel in your Vivaldi browser after updating, make sure Mail, Calendar, and Feed Reader are enabled in the settings — the panel isn’t available in the barebones browser-only mode.

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