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A single-board computer that’s the size of a credit card and can be used for thousands of different things. That’s the concept the Raspberry Pi has been riding on since it was launched. It has made its way to a lot of different products, and its makers have put together a list of them.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has unveiled a list of products with the “Powered by Raspberry Pi” certification. This logo is shown on product packaging to help customers know whether a product is using a Raspberry Pi for its guts or not, but we didn’t have a comprehensive list of these “licensed” devices.

The list itself isn’t very extensive, but it shows an interesting range of applications for different Raspberry Pi products. There are Internet-of-Things (IoT) gateways, customizable touch screen dashboards, 3D printers, servers, cameras, and even side panel screens for gaming PCs.

Touch attendance terminal STL.one photos
A touchscreen terminal for tracking employee hours, powered by Raspberry Pi System-IS

All these devices are either using Raspberry Pi 4/3/2/1 boards, Raspberry Pi Zero/Pico boards, or Compute Module 4/3 boards. This is just a small range of Raspberry Pi applications, too — as we’ve seen in the past, you can use a board to build everything from a retro gaming station, a cheap media center, or even a tiny Windows PC. Also, there are plenty of embedded products built with Raspberry Pis that aren’t properly certified and present in the list.

Best of all, if you happen to buy any of the certified products, a portion of your money will go towards the educational work of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Source: Raspberry Pi Foundation

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