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Did you get an Amazon Prime membership, maybe for Prime Day or another exclusive event, that you plan to cancel? Or maybe you rotate streaming services, and this month is Prime’s turn. Either way, here’s how to take full advantage of it before you hit that unsubscribe button.

Get Free, Fast Shipping

Possibly what Prime is best known for but still worth highlighting, free shipping is a great thing to take advantage of with your membership. Without Prime, you can of course get free standard shipping on certain Amazon products if you reach a specific dollar threshold. But with Prime, even a budget phone case often qualifies for free two-day shipping (or faster in some cities). There’s no limit to how frequently or how many times you use this benefit, and you can ship to any address, making it great for last-minute gifts you need sent to friends and family.

Watch Hours of TV and Movies

Sign in to the Amazon Prime Video app (for Android, iPhone, or your favorite streaming device), and you’ll find oodles of movies and TV shows. Like any other streaming service, there’s a rotating selection of content whose quality varies dramatically. But there are always popular Prime-exclusive movies and series like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and The Boys, and live football games on Thursday nights were also added in September 2022.

To help you sort through your options, How-To Geek curates recommendations specifically for what’s available on Amazon Prime. Take a look and put together a month-long marathon watch list.

Score Free PC Games and DLC

Every month Amazon refreshes a small collection of games that you can claim and keep even after you cancel your Prime membership. You can find them along with sundry DLC items for popular games at the Prime Gaming hub.

Some games require the Amazon Games app for Windows, but others are offered through storefronts you might already use like Epic Games Store, so the game will live in your library there. You won’t find any brand new, major releases, but you might find a few to round out your collection. Since the offerings change every month, be sure to check back so you can take your pick in both the months your subscription overlaps.

If you’re in the mood to try some cloud gaming, there are also a few games you can stream for free on Amazon Luna.

Stream Ad-Free Music

Amazon Music lets Prime members stream tunes without ads and with the ability to download for offline playback, making it handy for road trips and other times you want to save on mobile data. You won’t have quite the same experience as Spotify or Apple Music, since the library is limited to a relatively meager 2 million songs. That means you probably won’t be able to find that underrated EP from your favorite obscure indie band, but you can assuredly find something pleasant to listen to.

If you need more, Amazon Music Unlimited costs an additional $8.99/month and gets you access to a much larger collection of music.

Snag a Free Ebook

Prime Reading is sort of like Prime Video but for ebooks. You’ve got several free options that rotate out monthly, and another small collection of pre-releases that you can choose from as a monthly freebie. It’s not limited to regular old text-centric books either; there are magazines, comics, and audiobooks you can check out as well.

You can view your ebooks on a Kindle device or the Prime Reading website, or use the Kindle app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows device, or Mac.

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Get Discounts at Whole Foods

If there’s a Whole Foods store in your area, stop by during your membership to get take advantage of Prime-exclusive sales, plus an additional 10% off any of their regular sales (not including alcohol).

You’ll need the Amazon mobile app (iPhone or Android) or the Whole Foods Market app (iPhone or Android) so that your Prime QR code can be scanned at checkout. Or, if you don’t want to shop in person, you can also shop the online Whole Foods storefront and either schedule a paid delivery (if you live in certain ZIP codes) or a free pickup.

One more tip to double your efficiency while at Whole Foods: if your Prime ordering spree resulted in some returns you need to make, you can bring those items in, and employees will pack and ship them for you. That’s a huge help if you threw away the original packaging and don’t have your own. Just be sure to initiate the return through your Amazon account first, specifying that’s how you plan to ship it.

Now Cancel Your Membership With Confidence

Once you’ve used your Amazon Prime benefits to the fullest, you’re ready to cancel your subscription knowing you got every dollar’s worth out of it.

If it happened that none of Prime’s benefits tickled your fancy, know that Amazon may offer you at least a partial refund when you cancel. Even if the cancellation webpage doesn’t offer it, there’s a phone number you can call that might result in getting a refund anyway.

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