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Google Search results for some questions are often filled with spam articles that don’t contain helpful answers, which is why filtering search results to only include forum posts and comments (especially those from Reddit) has become increasingly popular. Now it’s an actual feature coming to Google Search.

Google said in a blog post this week, “Forums can be a useful place to find first-hand advice, and to learn from people who have experience with something you’re interested in. We’ve heard from you that you want to see more of this content in Search, so we’ve been exploring new ways to make it easier to find. Starting today, a new feature will appear when you search for something that might benefit from the diverse personal experiences found in online discussions.”

Discussions and forums section in Google Search

Google Search on mobile devices can now include a “Discussions and forums” section, which appears between normal search results. The area highlights relevant threads from forum sites — Google used Reddit, Quora, and Edmunds as examples. It’s similar to a feature that Brave Search, a competing web search engine, added back in April. DuckDuckGo also embeds content from certain forums in search results, such as Stack Overflow answers.

The new functionality isn’t a full replacement for site-specific web searches, but it can be a helpful insight alongside traditional search results. Google is also experimenting with changes to its search algorithm intended to hide spam results, especially articles generated mostly (or entirely) with artificial intelligence tools.

Source: Google

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