DALL-E 2 creation.

DALL-E 2 is arguably responsible for the booming popularity of AI image generators in 2022. However, it’s been one of the more difficult tools to use. OpenAI has been slowly adding people from a waitlist, but that’s finally over.

Starting September 28th, 2022, OpenAI has removed the waitlist for DALL-E beta. Anyone can sign up now and start using the tool to generate fascinating images with AI. There are already over 1.5 million people using DALL-E 2 to make art, and that’s sure to skyrocket now.

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You can sign up with an email address, Google account, or Microsoft account for free. Every user gets 50 free credits for their first month, and 15 free credits every subsequent month. Each credit is good for one prompt (which generates four images). Additional credits can be purchased.

Many new AI image generators have popped up in the last year, but DALL-E remains to be one of the best. Stable Diffusion is likely its top competitor and may even be better in some regards. Midjourney is another popular choice that’s a bit easier to use.

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on DALL-E 2, now is the time. Sign up now on the OpenAI website.

Source: OpenAI

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