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There have been rumors for months that Amazon was working on a Kindle ebook reader capable of writing notes, instead of simply reading books. Now the device is official: say hello to the Kindle Scribe.

The Kindle Scribe is the largest Kindle reader yet, with a spacious 10.2-inch touchscreen. That means more words on the screen, so fewer page turns are required, or you can crank up the font size to your heart’s content. Amazon also mentioned that captions are usually displayed alongside images in books — the captions are typically pushed to another page on the smaller screens.

This Kindle isn’t just for reading, though. There’s a stylus that magnetically attaches to the Kindle Scribe, which doesn’t require charging or pairing. That likely means it’s not an active pen, which rules out pressure sensitivity and other advanced features you might find on an Apple Pencil. There’s also an eraser on the end.

Kindle Scribe front and back

With the stylus, you can write notes on the pages of books, which also appear in a single organized place. There’s also a regular notepad mode for sketches and notes not related to books. You can send your documents to another device when you’re done, or send a document from a computer to the Kindle Scribe. Amazon says the ability to send documents to the Scribe straight from Microsoft Word is coming soon.

The Kindle Scribe is priced at $399.99, making it by far the most expensive Kindle reader currently sold — almost twice the price of the premium Kindle Oasis. You can pre-order it starting today.

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