Are you looking for a distraction-free writing software that lets you choose the background and sounds? Then you will want to take a look at CreaWriter.

CreaWriter in Action

When you start CreaWriter for the first time you will see this background and hear a “running/trickling water” sound file. Definitely a nice start on a peaceful writing environment.

Here is a closer look at the “Tools Sidebar”. If you hover your mouse over each button you will see a tooltip appear showing what that button does. For those who are curious we also have a list right here for you.

  • New – Configuration – Exit
  • Save As – Save – Open
  • Little Font – Medium Font – Big Font
  • Font A – Font B – Font C
  • Sound On/Off – Background On/Off – Transparent On/Off

This is the “Configuration Window”. You can enable/disable the effects or choose a new background/sound file (just click inside the blank). When you are finished click “Aceptar”.

Here is our sample document with a custom background, the sound and transparency deactivated, and as much scrollable writing space as we need. Going back and forth between CreaWriter and our other apps was as simple as clicking the “Windows Key”.

Note: Having transparency activated will let background apps, etc. be slightly visible through CreaWriter.

One thing stood out when we went to save our sample document…no file-type extensions displayed in the drop-down list. Being curious we decided to choose three common file-type extensions and see what the results were. We were very pleased to see that we could save our sample document in .txt, .rtf, and .doc formats. So if you go to save a file you will need to manually add the extension to the end…

Our sample document saved as a .txt file…

Then saved as a .rtf file…

And finally saved as a .doc file. Not bad at all…


If you have been wanting a distraction-free writing software that allows you to customize the background and/or sounds, then this is the one that you have been waiting for. For another great distraction-free writing software see our article about WriteMonkey.


Download CreaWriter

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