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A server boost will result in new features for your Discord server that you wouldn’t get with the basic, free version. Every server boost has an expiration date, though. Here’s what you should expect.

What Is a Server Boost?

In Discord, a server boost is a feature that provides your server with many different perks. This makes the server more enjoyable for the members of the server community.

A server boost costs $4.99 per month if you’re not using Nitro. If you have a Nitro subscription, you’ll earn 30% off server boost purchases.

The server boost system can be a bit confusing, though. You don’t simply use a server boost to unlock the perks. Instead, there are different levels, with each level requiring a certain number of server boosts to unlock.

Each level comes with its own unique perks.

Level 1 Server Boost Perks (2 Server Boosts to Unlock)

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Level 2 Server Boost Perks (7 Server Boosts to Unlock)

  • Everything in Level 1
  • 50 additional emoji slots
  • 256 kbps audio quality
  • 1080P, 60FPS Go Live streams
  • Server banner
  • 50MB upload limit for server users
  • 15 additional custom sticker slots
  • 1-week archive option from last activity for a thread
  • Private thread feature
  • Icons for custom roles

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Level 3 Server Boost Perks (14 Server Boosts to Unlock)

  • Everything in Level 1 and Level 2
  • 100 additional emoji slots
  • 384 kbps audio quality
  • 100MB upload limit for server users
  • Custom invite link
  • 30 additional custom sticker slots

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How Long Do Server Boosts Last?

A server boost expires one month after purchase. After this one-month period, the server will downgrade if the server boost threshold is passed.

Discord tells you when the server boost expires at the time of purchase. If you don’t want to lose your server benefits, keep a record of this expiration date so you can renew it in time. You can, of course, cancel a server boost at any time.

With Discord Nitro, you get two free server boosts with each monthly payment. This will keep you at Level 1 as long as you’re paying for the renewal of Nitro. If you’re not using Nitro and are buying server boosts à la carte, you’ll need to set up automatic renewal for the server boosts. Otherwise, your server will downgrade.

It can be a bit costly to keep a Discord server upgraded. Keeping a server at Level 3 costs $69.86 monthly. That said, anyone can purchase a server boost for a Discord server. A group effort is the best approach for keeping the server feature-rich if your community is large.

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