Blue Yeti Nano Microphone sitting on a desk

If you’ve ever aspired to be a content creator—a TikToker, YouTuber, podcaster, game streamer, etc.—you know how important it is to provide high-quality audio to your listeners. Today, you can ensure your voice is always heard loud and clear with one of our sister site’s favorite USB microphones of 2022, the Blue Yeti Nano, now down to $79.99 ($20 off) this week.

The quality of your microphone is something you can’t hide when publishing audio-based content. While mics built directly into laptops and webcams can sound weak and tinny, dedicated microphones like the Blue Yeti Nano provide crisp tones with beefy bass worthy of a formal broadcast.

They’re also extremely versatile. The Blue Yeti Nano comes with a stand that’s easy to set up on a desk — perfect for showing off its iconic build, which harkens back to classic microphones of yesteryear. You can also attach it to a boom stand (sold separately) for more strategic placement and maneuverability. Finally, add a pop filter (also sold separately) for an even more refined sound.

Blue Yeti Nano Microphone

The Blue Yeti Nano is a small dedicated microphone that produces big sound and comes in a variety of fun colors.

The best part about the Blue Yeti Nano is that it comes in a relatively small package. This makes the mic easy to carry and set up — ideal for game streamers, podcasters, musicians, voice actors, people who take regular Zoom calls, and probably a bunch of other hobbies and professions I can’t think of right now. In short, this little mic packs a massive punch to appease a broad range of users and listeners, especially at this low of a price.

You can pick up a Blue Yeti Nano today for just $79.99 ($20 off). It comes in several striking colors, including Black, Vivid Blue, Shadow Gray, and Red Onyx. You’ll need to jump pretty quick if you want it, though, because this offer ends after Sunday, September 25, 2022.

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