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Google Maps for Android can share your live, real-time location with other Google Maps users. Using the Google Maps app, you can enable permanent location sharing or temporarily share your location for a period of time, like for an hour or a day.

If you’d like to keep your family and friends updated with your location, you can easily use your Android’s Google Maps app. This app allows you to share your real-time location with both Google account holders and non-Google account holders. We’ll show you how.

When you share your location, you get to choose how long you’d like to do so. You can also manually stop sharing your location by tapping a quick option in the app.

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Google Maps Shares Other Information With Your Location

When you start sharing your location, Google Maps shares your name, photo, and real-time location.

The shared details may include where you’ve been recently, whether you’re driving or walking, and even phone info such as your battery charge.

You should be aware of these details before sharing your location with others.

Share Your Live Location Using Google Maps on Android

To share your current location, launch the Google Maps app on your Android phone. Then, in the app’s top-right corner, tap your profile picture.

From the menu that opens, select “Location Sharing.”

Choose "Location Sharing" in the menu.

You’ll see the location sharing page. Here, tap “Share Location.”

Tip: If you’ve shared your location with someone before, then tap “New Share” instead.

Select "Share Location."

You’ll now see a “Share Your Real-Time Location” section. In this section, choose how long you want to share your location.

If you only want to share for a short period of time, choose the “For 1 Hour” option.

If you’d like to continue sharing your location until you manually disable it, then choose the “Until You Turn This Off” option.

Specify the location sharing time duration.

To share your location with a Google contact, tap that contact on your screen.

Tip: If you don’t see the contact you want, then swipe left on the contact list and tap “More.”

Tap a contact to share the location with.

After choosing a contact, tap “Share” to begin sharing your location. The recipient will have to launch Google Maps on their phone to view your location.

Select "Share."

To stop sharing your location, tap your contact’s name and choose “Stop.”

Tap "Stop."

If you want to share your location with someone who isn’t in your contacts, then choose one of the many displayed apps to use for location sharing.

You can get a shareable link for your location that you can give to others via any medium you prefer. For example, you can share the link via text message or a chat app.

To get that link, simply tap the “Copy To” option.

Select "Copy To."

Your loved ones will now be able to see exactly where you are on the map. They’ll see your live location even if you stop using the Google Maps app.

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